Appolonia City host real estate discussion with Harvard Business School lecturer

27 October

26 October, Accra, Ghana

Appolonia City, the mixed-use urban development near Accra, hosted John D. Macomber, a real estate industry leader and visiting faculty member at the Harvard Business School, for an evening’s discussion on the real estate landscape in Ghana and Africa.

Macomber, who lectures on Real Estate Management at Harvard, met with leading executives in Ghana’s real estate and business community, to examine solutions to Ghana’s urban development and discuss the potential for the private sector to capitalise on the rapid urbanisation experienced.

Welcoming the guests to the event, Holger Adam, Country Head of Rendeavour, Appolonia City’s developer, explained the idea behind the gathering. “This regular forum is for our industry to interact and discuss issues which relate to the real estate market in Ghana and Africa as a whole.” He continued, “With urban growth increasing the strain on existing urban infrastructure, together with the shortage of housing stock in Accra, these discussions can help bring solutions to bridge the gaps.”

Last month, Appolonia City held the first edition of the discussion series, with an open house event for members of the public seeking to understand more on real estate finance and urban planning.

“The Accra real estate industry is very well defined and reasonably mature,” said Macomber, “We see an industry that provides a range of solutions for the market and professionals that add value, ensuring that developments are not just successful but also sustainable.”

About John D. Macomber

John Macomber is a Senior Lecturer in the Finance unit at Harvard Business School. His professional background includes leadership positions in real estate, construction, and information technology businesses. At HBS, Mr. Macomber is engaged in the Business and Environment Initiative and Social Enterprise Initiative. He teaches Finance, Real Estate, Urbanization, and Entrepreneurship courses in the elective curriculum and in Executive Education. He is the former Chairman and CEO of the George B H Macomber Company, a large regional general contractor; and remains a principal in several real estate partnerships.  John serves or has served on the boards of Young Presidents Organization International (YPO), Boston Private Bank, and Mount Auburn Hospital.

About Appolonia City (

Appolonia City is a 2,325-acre (941ha) mixed-use and mixed-income urban development in the Greater Accra Metropolitan area. The project is being developed for residential properties, retail and other commercial centres, as well as schools, healthcare and other social infrastructure. All local and national regulatory approvals have been met and a full land title certificate has been granted. Infrastructure is being implemented which includes water, electricity, tarred roads with storm water drains. Residential sales are underway with the option of purchasing a plot to build your own house in Nova Ridge or an existing house at the Oxford development. Commercial developments currently include Ghana Home Loans and Total filing station with Golden Pride Schools constructing the area’s first private school.