Careers at Appolonia City

Join us in building Africa’s Urban Future


The people in our team are multi-skilled and experts in their respective fields. Flexible enough to travel the continent to project sites when needed, they possess a unique drive underpinned by the desire to help improve Africa’s urban development.

Individual experience in emerging markets is a must, as is the ability to multi-task across a range of challenges in diverse environments. Above all, each Appolonia City person has the ability to think and act as a team, using digital and physical communication to get the job done.

If you are interested in joining Appolonia City, please feel free to contact our office or look out for a vacancy below.


A city is not built from 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday, or working remotely from home. The jobs we offer are hands-on. Your career will be multi-faceted, sharing the workload with a team that brings experience from across the globe. We are building a city – the Best City in Africa. The satisfaction of seeing projects you’re working on come to fruition can’t be beaten. The end result is a new way of living for the continent — and a new Urban Future for Africa.

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+233 275 577 577 | +233 542 777 222

Appolonia City location: Between Oyibi and Afienya, Greater Accra, 15 minutes drive from Adenta.