Development Control Committee (DCC)

Building plan for Appolonia City


The Development Control Committee (DCC) is an internal oversight body established by Appolonia City. The DCC is comprised of practitioners from the following fields:

  • City Planning
  • Engineering (Civil and Electrical)
  • Architecture
  • Facility Management
  • Security
  • Customer Care

The DCC is made up of staff members of Appolonia Development Company Ltd, developers of Appolonia City. They exercise oversight responsibility on all building projects within Appolonia City.

Ama K Abebrese at Appolonia City substation with plan


The duties of the DCC, amongst others, are to:

  • Adopt, maintain, and administer the masterplan of the development
  • Administer precinct plans, design and modifications
  • Administer physical planning standards for precinct planning and building permits
  • Oversee improvements in the project
  • Ensure all documents and requirements for submittal to the local authority, Kpone Katamanso Municipal Authority (KKMA), are met.

Land and house documents and brochure downloads


The DCC regulates land use and building development in Appolonia City. This will:

  • Create an effective and efficient built urban environment
  • Ensure that all buildings in Appolonia City comply with DCC guidelines
  • Ensure building contractors and their assignees comply with the HSE guidelines and construction rules and regulations

The DCC ensure that a safe and healthy environment is created for all. The DCC has jurisdiction over Nova Ridge, Appolonia Industrial Park and all developments in Appolonia City.

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