Appolonia City delivers clean water to Community Health Centre

30 November

Appolonia City has recently procured and installed a water treatment plant at the health center within the Appolonia community. The plant will treat the ground water that supplies the facility, after tests showed the supply to be saline.

The partnership between the Appolonia Community and Rendeavour, Africa’s largest urban land developer, is becoming more entrenched not only on the urban development project but also through the commitment to provide sustainable benefits from the Appolonia development project, such as improved healthcare for the community.

The center’s rehabilitation by Rendeavour, in conjunction with the Kpone Katamanso District Health Management team, led by Patience Ami Mamattah, has ensured that the facility acquired health insurance accreditation in January 2015. The facility commenced operation as an accredited center in July 2015.

“Rendeavour’s commitment to ensuring that the Appolonia community develops as the Appolonia City project progresses is encouraging, and contributions such as these give us confidence in this partnership,” said Timothy Tetteh, Assemblyman of Appolonia Community, on behalf of the Chief.

Since its accreditation, the Health Center has witnessed a significant increase in patronage, as residents are now able to access free basic health care without the need to travel long distances.