Landscaping Supervisor

17 October

Position: Landscaping Supervisor

Job description

The Landscaping Supervisor will ensure that the Appolonia City landscape is maintained to the highest standards, manage a team of ground attendants and ensure assigned projects are completed satisfactorily within time and budget. The supervisor will also be involved in the design, planning and execution of landscaping tasks.


  • Prepare landscape site plans and graphic representations of plans using computer-aided design, drafting (CADD) software, etc.
  • Oversee the implementation of multiple landscape projects, including urban regeneration schemes, pedestrian schemes, road schemes and maintenance of the character of sites of natural beauty.
  • Manages the Grounds Maintenance program areas in the landscape operations division: plans, coordinates, implements, and supervises a wide variety of maintenance, repair, landscaping, and horticultural tasks. Ensures that all grounds, trails and greenways, community gardens, open space natural areas, urban forest and street trees are maintained to a high standard. Includes oversight of installation, maintenance and repair of irrigation systems, drainage systems, bridges and boardwalks. Develops, recommends and implements street tree and open space management plans.
  • Manages the Urban Forest Program for the City. Reviews landscape plans for new development, determines appropriate plant species, processes and approves street tree permits, conducts tree inspections city-wide, and serves as technical resource for urban forestry including all public tree maintenance, pruning, and replacement. Supervises tree assessment and approves hazard trees for removal. Acts as the designated City Arborist.
  • Effectively trains, evaluates, supervises and manages performance of assigned staff. Provides coaching and corrective action as appropriate. Reviews and approves timesheets and develops employee work schedules in accordance with program needs and contract requirements. Establishes systems and methods for training, motivating, and supervising work team and a system of communication/cooperation among staff. Oversees safety training, develops and enforces safety policies and procedures.
  • Assists in preparing the annual landscaping budget. Implements and monitors approved landscaping budget. Submits budget reports and analysis to management as requested. Coordinates the purchase and delivery of supplies and services; maintains
  • Plan, execute and maintain landscaping and irrigation in priority areas.
  • Consistently maintain and enhance an area’s physical appearance attractiveness and provide environmental benefits by designing and implementing landscaping of the precincts and public spaces within the city.
  • Restoration of common green spaces disturbed by construction.
  • Training and managing the landscaping team.
  • Compile a budget for the landscaping and landscaping maintenance requirements, including tools and equipment to be purchased and rented.
  • Inspect landscaping work to ensure it adheres to original plans, the agreed time plan, and costs.
  • Plan and deliver effective management of plant and tree nurseries.


Hard skills and experience:

  • A minimum of 7-10 years’ experience in a similar role with a special focus on landscaping on a large scale.
  • Good knowledge of shrubs, plants, trees, perennials and landscape material; working knowledge of types of types of equipment required for the role
  • Knowledge of plant and tree diseases and insect infestations and how to eliminate them
  • Knowledge of various plant and flower types and the climatic conditions that favour them
  • Demonstrate ability to perform duties responsibly under minimum supervision.
  • Ability to work well following instructions from Management and communicating with team members.

How to apply

Please submit your updated resume to and clearly indicate ‘Landscaping Supervisor’ in the subject line by 1 November 2023.